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Senyu Packaging, founded in 2002, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, is a packaging material company with rich experience and ability in integrated packaging development, production management, supply chain management and efficient delivery.
At present, senyu custom package box workshop is more than 2000 square meters with professional design team, senior packaging master, huge sales team, to help customers solve the overall package scheme.
More than a decade, senyu has served thousands of customers domestic and abroad, with domestic exported to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, chengdu, chongqing, suzhou, wuhan and other cities and abroad bushiness exported to the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Europe and America, southeast Asia and other countries, aiming at provide customers the most exquisite products, the best quality service.
The company has a professional production line, from design to development to production, from proofing to mass production, from box type recommendation, structural optimization to material selection, transportation safety comprehensive evaluation, are committed to provide professional guidance to customers.

Our Product !

More than a decade, senyu is committed to the production of various types of packaging carton and packing bag, packing box type including tiandi box, book box type, double door box, heart-shaped boxes, drawer box, circular box, hex/anise box/polygon box, window boxes, folding boxes, clamshell boxes, and other special boxes, packaging bags including file cover, envelope, bag, gift bag, food bag, shopping bag,  Coated paper bags, widely used in goods transport, product packaging, gift bags, goods storage and so on.
At present, sneyu with Peking University founder layout and color plate-making system, commercial offset presses, Heidelberg four-color offset press Heidelberg eight color, monochrome two-color rotary printing presses, monochrome lithographic offset press, cole booth hardcover linkage line, martini with gum line, carbonless copy paper printing machine, automatic die-cutting machine, high-speed pasting box machines, and other advanced line of print production equipment, Can undertake all kinds of packaging carton, packaging paper bag printing, covering CMYK four-color printing, Pantone spot color printing, gloss, dumb glue, UV, hot stamping, convex, jet printing and other printing services.

Found in 2002


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Thousands of customers

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Quality Product

Senyu strictly select each packaging material, to provide customers with single powder, pit paper, cardboard, special paper, gold and silver card and other types of packaging materials, adhere to the use of environmental protection materials to do the best quality products.


Provide Technology

In addition to packaging materials, Senyu will also provide customers with accessories material processing technology, such as paint, oxidation, carbon fiber, electroplating, pad printing, water transfer printing, laser, radium carving and other process services, the efforts of the service won countless repeat customers.


Humanized Service

In the packaging accessories, Senyu has composite packaging, blister, OPP bag, EVA, sponge, heat shrinkable bag, a variety of accessories for customers to choose.  To provide customers with humanized service, has been the pursuit of SenYu.